Kate's answer

 I love the ability photography has to invoke feeling. The idea that setting up a frame that inspires me may cause another person to feel something different and specific to them is amazing. Photos capture moments that will never be repeated, whether those moments contain mother nature or a warm embrace... they're emotionally and raw, and I can't get enough.

Tony's answer

 Photos have always been a vice and a tool for me. They are a way to communicate things that are hard to convey. I forte in wildlife photography because it's a way for me to help people see that wild things matter. They're beautiful, mysterious, and more close to us than we might realize. Photography gives me a way to show my vision of the natural world to others in hopes it might brighten their vision of it as well

Who are we?


I'm Tony


We are...

  • Married. 
  • Originally from Central New York
  • Call Colorado home now.
  • Bad at selfies, I mean truly terrible.
  • Obsessed with our cars.
  • LOVE animals. Love them. Unconditionally.
  • Disagree with each other on the glory of fishing.
  • Not afraid to be silly.
  • Really active people.
  • Love our friends like family.
  • Passionate about the natural world.
  • Riding a blurry line between the morals John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt (It makes family reunions awkward). 
  • Terrible at sitting still.
  • Dedicated to whatever project we take on.
  • Super approachable, we'll talk you're ear off.
  • Diverse photographers
  • Appreciate all photos for what they are, whether taken with a potato or a D800.
  • Awesome at fact lists.



I'm Kate


The gallery below illustrates our oh so lovely fact list.