The Introductory Blog Post.

I hope you enjoyed the best blog post title ever.

Thank you for looking into our photography page. The great thing about the blog section is it gives us a chance to speak in a less formal manner. TJFotography is run by as a couple, including myself (Kate) and Tony. Like every photographer out there we have a story of how we became infatuated with the photography world. 

It's pretty simple, we just really, I mean really like taking pictures of things outdoors. We are the type of people that spend ten minutes or more staring at a stone, talking about how "cool" the veins of mineral deposits look.  Most of our hikes end stumbling through the dark, because there's always a better shot to be had

The majority of photos we take along our travels won't ever be seen. As a photographer you learn that what appeals to your heart might not appeal to anyone else for a number of reasons (composition, image quality, defects). A lot of it is because the story behind a photo makes it so much more interesting, at least for our tastes. There are times when we really want to share a story but that picture was taken in a blizzard without a tripod from 200 yards away. That's where a blog is handy, when a picture is less of art and more of evidence.

Stories, little facts and any revelations we make along the way are what we hope to share here. This blog is our way of telling the story behind the pictures. This blog is a way of getting to know us. Travel with us, learn with us and laugh with/at us, we're just happy to be sharing.