One giant drive at a time...

So we have gotten into the habit of taking these extraordinarily long road trips in relatively short amounts of time.

Our last one was Moab-San Francisco-Eureka-Crescent City-Portland and back to Colorado in seven days. Would I suggest that drive to anyone? No.

We had never been to the Pacific Coast before and it did not disappoint. We started off at our go-to spot Moab, UT and literally just drove to the needles district and hung out. We did take some short cut back from "Needles Overlook" and found this abandoned gem. My fascination with new and ancient rock dwellings is boundless.

Love them.

Somewhere on the way back to get gas Tony decided that we needed to expand out trip... by a thousand miles. He had me literally convinced we were going to Glacier National Park which I would have been fine with if I hadn't only packed "springy" clothing. So I spent the next hour trying to decide how to best tie together my clothes to make something I wouldn't die in. To my relief he caved and told me were we headed to San Francisco.

San Francisco streets have not been done justice. They are far more terrifying than any television portrayal. I am convinced if you learn to drive stick there you can drive anywhere, anytime.

During our day in San Francisco we were able to experience "the golden city" rather than "fog city." By that I mean we were lucky enough to have gorgeous weather. All that sunshine really allowed us to indulge in all the touristy stuff we could.

Upon saying good-bye San Francisco we headed up Highway 1, stopped to have our first In-N-Out burger (awesomeeeee) and slept in Eureka, CA.

It's a gorgeous coastal town with amazing coffee (Old Town) and lots of birding. Seriously though drinking that coffee was like opening Pandora's box of deliciousness. My world will never be the same. One iced coffee, Surf Scoter, Horned Grebe and Common Loon later, we had to get moving to Crescent City, CA.  

Our destination was Jedediah Smith Wilderness, we had read that it really was in a league of its own as far as beauty. The Redwood forests are a different world. It seems like every tiny detail is wrapped in mystery and an alluring beauty. It's definitely worth the visit.

Side note: If you are looking to stay in this area, want a peaceful campsite and don't mind one 3 mile uphill journey back to your spot then I would definitely recommend the Bald Hills Campsite. 

Once we worked off our fast food binges the next stop was Portland, Oregon. We always wanted to check it out half because of the show "Portlandia" and the other half because the climate seems right up our alley.

Portland is full of things to do from Forest Park, to the Saturday Sales and lets not forget food trucks. We got the chance to visit Voodoo Donuts and the donuts were actually amazing. Be prepared for a long line though.

Portland is nice of the eyes too. The contrast between the beautiful art and architecture contrast the harshness of the rivers trade route perfectly. It was wonderful. I could definitely see us staying there for a while. Can't wait to go back!

Until next time,