The jump.

I thought I would take a minute and share what I've been up to.

Last month I quit my day job. You ever wake up and just know its time to do something?

Usually that's get a gym membership, or cut your hair. For me it was photography. 

So you might be thinking... "What the ****? Where's all your new stuff then?!?"

Well, instead of going out and taking stellar new photos, I've been doing a TON of the stuff photographers hate talking about. 


It's been five years since I started trying to make photography my passion. In that time I've amassed more photos than one might imagine. So for the better part of a month, I have been digging through all of those photos and either trashing them, editing them, or putting them in to a folder marked "possibly use this."


There are a million talented photographers in the world, so a lot of the time I spend doubting my own skills. I often contemplate my niche too. Where do I fit it? What am I good at? Will I stand out?  Am I keeping true to myself as an artist?  Are my edits sane looking?


I'm mapping out my next steps. Mostly trying to figure out where my next meal is coming from. Getting legalities taken care of, trying to figure out costs that I can live off, and branding.

What now?

Photography is what I get to do now friends. Oh boy, am I sure grateful.